I bet you have one of two things going on:

  1. You’re incredibly busy and your life is so fast-paced that it’s difficult to know which end is up. That means it’s hard to get where you need to go with very little time to actually get there.


  2. You’re so exhausted from feeling bad all the time that it’s getting difficult to just get out of bed, let alone leave the house to go pour your heart out to a stranger. 

That’s why I offer Christian Counseling exclusively online

What’s great about online therapy is that it’s easy and simple to access. I use a secure, HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform, meaning our conversations stay just between us. Additionally, clients can reach me between appointments using my secure, HIPAA-protected messaging platform, all from their client portal. The client portal is where you can also find questionnaires and occasional “homework” assignments to complete between appointments, and make additional appointments, or reschedule them if necessary.

How it works.

Connecting is quick and simple. All you have to do is click a link you’ll receive by email. 

All you need is:

  • comfortable, quiet and private space to chat. This could be your home, your office, even your car!
  • A laptop, tablet or phone. (For tablet and phone users, there’s a quick app to download before we can connect.)
  • A decent internet connection. (If you can stream Netflix without and hiccups or glitches, we can successfully connect.)



Help for stress, panic attacks, and overcoming fear.


Help moving forward and finding peace, joy and contentment again.

Pornography Addiction

Help with tools to move past the guilt and shame, while managing triggers.