6 Tips to Make Therapy Effective

For most people, the idea of going to therapy can be stomach-turning. People have a lot of questions and sometimes, aren’t sure what to expect. These tips can help you prepare for the process and make it go smoothly and effectively:

Tip #1: Understand that growth and change may be uncomfortable.

Therapy means making a change. You may have to change thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Otherwise, you may have a hard time getting anything out of the process.

Tip #2: Understand that going to therapy doesn’t mean you’re damaged.

Just because you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean you’re broken beyond repair. Your past doesn’t define you. You are more than your challenges. Don’t label yourself as a “problem”.

#3: Understand that your therapist can’t make important decisions for you.

In therapy, you may learn how to respond to feelings, thoughts people in new ways. But your decisions remain your own.

Tip #4: Understand that lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.

The things you come to therapy for have probably been building for a long time. You’re putting an unrealistic on yourself if you expect to be able to resolve it in three or four appointments.

Tip #5: Understand that you won’t have an “aha” moment in every session.

Therapy has ups and downs like any relationship. You’ll experience deeply moving moments with your therapist, as well as light-hearted ones. Both are valuable.

Tip #6: Understand that your therapist keeps boundaries for good reasons.

Keeping the relationship professional and ending sessions on time helps you and the therapist time to reflect and gather a plan to move forward in the therapeutic process.

You can break free from the things you’re struggling with.

Together, we can learn how to get you past this and help you find real freedom. I work exclusively online with Christians who struggle with pornography, and I’ve got a spot waiting just for you. So, take a deep breath, and schedule your appointment with me right now.

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